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Associate Analyst 
We need help building out financial models for companies to follow.  In this role, you will work closely with the senior analyst and learn our approach to analyzing and forecasting companies.  You will use data from FactSet or Bloomberg and enter historical financial information into financial model templates that form the basis of our forecasting tool.  Special attention will need to be paid to one time or non-recurring items in historicals and we will solve for anomalies in performance.  This role involves heavy use of excel, including the ability to chart, and requires the ability to read and understand 10Q and 10K filings and to interpret management guidance found in press releases and transcripts from earnings calls and presentations.  This is a paid on a per-project basis and is not a full time role. You will work from home (or wherever) and receive assignments based on demand and upon completion of past projects.  The ideal candidate is someone with an understanding of financial models and forecasting, facility with excel and ability to learn quickly and work independently.  A finance degree or progress towards a CFA is a plus.  There is some possibility that this role could evolve into a more permanent position with expanded responsibilities.

Institutional Sales
We are looking for qualified candidates to help us open new accounts and service existing clients.  In this role, you will work closely with senior analysts to understand our approach to analyzing companies and to aid buy-side clients (hedge fund analysts, portfolio managers and mutual fund managers) make successful investments.  You will split your time between making current research calls and setting up meetings and calls with existing clients and prospecting new accounts.  The ideal candidate will have familiarity with equity research and sales experience as well as experience investing in the markets.  Existing buy-side relationships are a plus. This is a commission-only, work from home (or wherever) role.

Senior Research Analyst 
We are seeking qualified experienced analysts with existing buy-side relationships who are interested in running their own independent book and working outside the traditional sell-side structure.  In particular we are interested in analysts that have developed a proprietary method for their vertical(s), especially if it is based on earnings revisions and/ or ROIC measures.  Our platform is designed to reduce or eliminate the structural issues that handicap the legacy broker-dealer approach to equity research including its conflicts of interest, dependency on trading commissions, short-term focus and over-distribution.  On our platform we will provide a compliance and legal structure, existing soft-dollar arrangements and institutional sales coverage (on a separately negotiated basis, if requested) as well as other administrative services.  You will be responsible for the creation of research, setting prices with clients and managing your own P&L.  Quo Vadis will charge a fee against your revenue to cover the cost of providing the platform, thus permitting you to retain the majority of the revenue you produce with 100% transparency on compensation.  Please contact us to discuss how this arrangement could work for you.

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