About Quo Vadis Capital

About Quo Vadis Capital

Proprietary Structural Analysis & Forecasting


John Zolidis, President & Founder

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    Independent Registered Investment Advisor (RIA)

    Quo Vadis was founded in 2017 and is organized as an RIA in the State of New York. This permits us to sell investment research, manage outside capital, and provide financial and strategic advice to corporations. Further, our structure is based on investment and strategic results, not driving transactions.

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    Founded in Response to Issues Impairing the Value of Traditional Sell-Side Research

    Investment research created by large banks, mid-sized banks, and even smaller boutiques is frequently muddled by conflicts of interest and its value diminished by over-distribution. Analysts often feel pressure to have positive ratings to support bankers and generate corporate access and recommendations may be short-term oriented. Lastly, the biggest issue is that most analysts have no proprietary information or process. Our product is only created for investors, has very limited distribution, can be very long-term focused, and is rooted in our proprietary, proven approach.

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    Led by Industry Veteran Analyst John Zolidis

    Mr. Zolidis started his career in finance in 1996 following degree studies in Philosophy at Kenyon College and Oxford University. He has followed retail and restaurants as a senior analyst since 1999, mostly on the sell-side. He also managed money in a buy-side role at a long-short equity fund over 2013-2014. He was named in the Wall Street Journal’s Best on the Street list. Mr. Zolidis founded Quo Vadis in 2017 and works from New York and Paris, France.

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    Focus is on the U.S. Consumer Sector

    Our specialization includes the retail and restaurant sectors and within these, growth companies. Our process is designed specifically for companies operating and opening many units and our objective is to produce insights that cannot be replicated by our clients or competitors.

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    Frequently cited in the Financial Press

    Quo Vadis is often quoted as an industry source and expert opinion. We have been quoted in the Wall Street Journal, Forbes, Fortune, The New York Post, The Street.com, Marketwatch.com and others. Click here to read recent articles which refer to our work or incorporate our viewpoints.

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